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Friday, 24 February 2012

02/24/12 Fans... Happy! Hemsky Stays

Ales Hemsky decided to forgo free agency and sign a new two year deal with the Oilers worth $10 million. This is a very positive move for the organization, and after taking a lot of flak from the media and fans, Tambellini got it right.

Some in the media, like Scott Burnside, don't believe the deal was a good one. Burnside tweeted: "Ales Hemsky; two years $10 million just goes to show you $10 million doesn't get you too far in the NHL these days does it?"

CapGeek posted their list of comparable contracts to the deal Hemsky just signed, and only 6 of the 20 names listed have averaged more points per game over their careers than Hemsky. Of those players, the average points per game pace is 0.74. Ales Hemsky has posted 0.79 points per game since he entered the NHL. So, for better or worse injury-wise, the Oilers signed their man to a contract that pretty much fits with Hemsky's value.

It's fantastic to see the Oilers realize that replacing Hemsky would have been much more difficult than re-signing him, and it may have come at a greater cost anyway. Considering the chemistry Hemsky has shown with Hall, it's better to stick with the devil you know than the one you don't.

Fans should be very happy with this signing. The money is right, and the term (Hemsky's deal expires at the same time as that of Nugent-Hopkins) is right as well. It's an encouraging sign from management, and almost everyone will agree that for once they deserve to be praised.

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