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Sunday, 23 March 2014

03/23/14 It's As Bad As It Looks

Don't let the recent "winning" ways fool you. This is who the Oilers are.

Oilers 2013-14 stats after March 22nd:

ROW: 27th
G/G: 23rd
GA/G: 28th
5x5 GF/A: 29th
PP%: 20th
PK%: 13th
S/G: 26th
SA/G: 25th

Oilers' record from January 26th to March 18th: 10-4-3

Shots For/Against over those 17 games: 440 For (25.9 per game) / 587 Against (34.5 per game)

Shots For/Against over the rest of the season, not including those 17 games: 1512 For (27.5 per game) / 1748 Against (31.8 per game)

Ales Hemsky since leaving Edmonton: 2-6-8 in 8 GP

Points out of a playoff spot: 20

Wins behind Calgary: 4

Points behind Calgary: 6

Wins ahead of Buffalo: 5

Jesse Joensuu ($950,000 for two years): 42 GP 3-2-5 minus-16, 11th on team in hits

Ryan Jones ($1.5 million for one year): 50 GP 2-4-6 even

Defensemen with over 250 NHL games of experience: 1 (Ference), formerly 2 with Smid

Oilers' record: 25-38-9

Tire fire.

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