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Friday, 2 January 2015

01/02/15 I Hate This Trade So Much

It's Groundhog Day in Edmonton! Trading actual NHL players for futures has become something of a tradition 'round these parts, and the Oilers didn't disappoint the fans! David Perron is laughing all the way to Pittsburgh.

The trade is fine if you look at it in a vacuum. A winger with five goals for a first round pick and a utility player sounds like a clear win for Edmonton. Looking at trades in this way has gotten the Oilers all the way to 30th in the standings. They just keep doing the things that got them here. I feel like my head is going to explode.

The one thing MacTavish had going for him was acquiring David Perron. There's no possible way to defend this man's leadership, or anyone in management any more.

A first round pick may be ready to make an impact just in time for the expiration of the value contracts of Hall and Eberle. Think about that.

And Klinkhammer? Another bottom-six player at best, which makes him mostly irrelevant. He's a UFA after this season, which makes him completely irrelevant.

If David Perron was an asset that the organization was willing to move, why not do it in the summer when the guy was coming off his best season ever? Wouldn't it have made more sense to trade a valuable winger for some help up the middle, especially after signing another left-winger in Benoit Pouliot? Isn't that how you build a properly balanced roster?

But no.

We continue to watch as they rebuild the rebuild. What you're watching is one of the worst organizations in professional sports - quite possibly the worst. It takes a special kind of idiocy to stay at the bottom for this long with this many talented players already in the fold.

The Oilers didn't get any closer to competing next year, they got further away. When Petry goes, they'll be even further. But just keep doing what you're doing, Oilers. It's worked out so well thus far.

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