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Tuesday, 2 December 2014

12/2/14 I Hate You, Steve Tambellini

Steve Tambellini did a lot of damage to this Oilers franchise.

Tobias Rieder was once my favorite prospect in the organization. In April of 2012 I wrote: "the Oilers already have more forwards than they know what to do with [but] by the time Rieder is close enough to the NHL to even think about making it, the situation in Edmonton could be very different. And even if the Oilers never use him, his increasing value could make him an attractive trade asset down the line."

Having too many skilled players is a good problem to have, Steve, you moron.

The Oilers currently have no offensive players bubbling under in the system, even after all those years of high draft picks in each round. What would be wrong with having a player like Rieder plying his trade in OKC right now?

On top of everything else that has been mismanaged with this team, the one shining light from the later rounds of the draft was traded for a player type that can often be found on waivers.

How does the man who hired Tambo still have a job? 

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