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Monday, 22 December 2014

12/22/14 The Edmonton Oilers Are An Embarrassment

And it's not even because they lose so much.

It's because they continuously do dumb, almost incomprehensible things. Anton Lander got sixteen minutes and thirty-seven seconds to impress the men running this pathetic organization. He had six shots on goal, which was a fifth of all the shots the Oilers managed. He had four hits. He started in the offensive zone once, but pretty much broke even in the possession battle on a night that the Oilers got crushed in Corsi.

Lander certainly didn't play a perfect game, but he did almost everything that he could. And he got demoted again. Why? Apparently so that a German teenager can get playing time in the NHL.

There are plenty of Oilers scouts who are going to lose their jobs soon because the team doesn't have enough depth from the draft. Maybe that has something to do with the terrible way that the team develops players? Maybe they should stop treating useful draftees like lumps of coal?

I don't see how the Oilers can blame scouting for their woes when the team drafted Jarrett Stoll, Matt Greene, Kyle Brodziak, Andrew Cogliano, Devan Dubnyk, Ales Hemsky and Sam Gagner - all of whom are still playing in the NHL. Former draftees Lander and Jeff Petry will probably be added to that sorry list soon.

Who cares if the Oilers ever win again? It's impossible to cheer for a team this stupid. This rotten organization is an embarrassment and deserves everything it gets.


  1. Sad part is the don't even know what to do when they draft 1st over all. Player like Yak should be getting minimum 18 minutes per night , pp time and shoot out chances .Yak is made to put up points but the smartest man in the room wanst him to be the next bob gainey. Great use of a player and consensus 1st overall pick. Smartest men in the room does these things.

    1. Oh yeah, I almost forgot about him. You're right, they're ruining Yakupov. Hey kid, we don't trust you to play much or shoot in the shootout or anything. Have some bad line mates and centers. Why can't you score?

  2. Perhaps you need a break from blogging or should switch to writing about the Flames.