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Friday, 13 January 2012

01/13/12 Right Now, The Oilers Are The NHL's Worst Team

Over the weekend there should be a shocking upswing in the sales of large, head-sized paper bags in Edmonton, as the Oilers have been the worst team in the NHL over the last twenty games. That's right! Nobody - not even Columbus - has had a worse record over their last 20 than the Oilers.

Columbus is 6-12-2

Anaheim is 8-9-3

The Islanders have gone 9-9-2

Carolina? They've gone 7-10-3

Tampa Bay went 6-12-2 over their last 20

Montreal is 6-11-3

Winnipeg has been pretty good at 11-8-1

Buffalo has slid some with a 6-10-4 record over the last 20

and Phoenix has had a record of 7-9-4

And our Edmonton Oilers? Well, they've had a record of 4-14-2 in their last twenty games. They've scored 3 or more goals ten times in that span, and more than 3 just four times. The Oilers have scored 48 goals in those twenty games, or an average of just 2.4 per game, while allowing 67 goals (3.35 per game). Including Friday night's fiasco they've been shutout twice.

The teams listed above are currently the bottom ten in the league. If things continue like this the Oilers shouldn't have any problem finishing 30th and possibly becoming just the second team in history to draft first overall in three consecutive years.

The good news is that the only other team to do that was the Quebec Nordiques from 1989-1991. The bad news is that none of those three first overall picks were members of the eventual powerhouse Colorado Avalanche. As a matter of fact, none of them ever won Cups with any team.

Tonight, the Oilers are just one point out of 29th, and the Columbus Blue Jackets are only 7 points behind. When some injured players come back for the Oilers things might get better, but by then it might already be too late.

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